Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Found with One-Way Ticket to Mexico After Fraud Conviction, Prosecutors Allege Attempt to Flee Country

Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos, a biotech firm that was embroiled in scandal, was found to have a one-way ticket to Mexico shortly after her conviction for fraud in January 2022, according to prosecutors. Holmes was convicted on four counts of lying to investors on January 3, 2022. However, on January 23, 2022, the US government became aware of a ticket for a flight to Mexico departing on January 26, 2022, without a scheduled return trip. Prosecutors said in a court filing that the itinerary was “an attempt to flee the country.” The government intervened and the trip was subsequently cancelled. It is not clear when Holmes originally purchased the ticket.

In response to a query about the ticket from the case’s lead federal prosecutor, an attorney for Holmes characterized the situation as a misunderstanding. According to an exhibit filed on Thursday, the attorney stated that “In general, this was a reservation that was made before the verdict. Ms. Holmes would be able to make this trip to attend the wedding of close friends in Mexico.

“The government anticipates (Holmes) will note in reply that she did not in fact leave the country as scheduled—but it is difficult to know with certainty what (Holmes) would have done had the government not intervened,” prosecutors said. They also allege that Holmes maintains access to vast financial resources.

This revelation raises questions about Holmes’ intentions and her access to resources, which could be used to flee the country. The court filing highlights the government’s concern that Holmes would use her financial resources and connections to evade prosecution and flee the country, which is why they are opposing her motion for release.

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