U-Scan: The smart device that transforms your toilet into a urine analysis lab

Withings has unveiled a new device, U-Scan, at CES 2023. It’s a smart device that analyzes your urine to give you a wealth of information about your health, fitness and fertility.

The pebble-shaped gadget fits in your toilet bowl, captures your urine and analyzes it using cartridges that assess various biomarkers.

The results can be checked through the Withings Health Mate app and shared with your doctor. The U-Scan allows you to monitor hydration, nutrition, metabolism, vitamin levels, ovulation and menstruation. Plus, all the health data is compliant with Europe’s GDPR privacy regulations.

The nutrition and hydration cartridge informs the app about your hydration, protein and vegetable intake, carbohydrate intake, and vitamin C levels using biomarkers like pH balance and ketone levels. The cartridge that tracks Cycle can pinpoint your menstruation cycle and ovulation window by measuring luteinizing hormone levels. By logging what you eat and how much water you drink, the app gives you tailored recommendations for recipes and workouts

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